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10 biggest lies ever told in history

Here are 10 of the biggest lies ever told y celebrities. (Photo by Niall Carson - WPA Pool/Getty Images) 10. Angelina Jolie For years, Angelina Jolie claimed to be part Iroquois. ... Apr 29, 2022 · A new video from Weird History runs down the many lies packed into 2000s era Cribs, detailing a bunch of the homes, cars, and other stuff its.

Lies about what you did over the summer... Lies about the ax murderer who lurks in the woods near your tent... Summertime is apparently THE season for making up lies. Below are a few of the most bizarre summer lies that individuals remember from their childhood.

The Biggest Lies In American History. "I cannot tell a lie!" a 6-year-old George Washington hollered as he stood on a pile of wood that was formerly his father's cherry tree, wiedling a.

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It's very unfortunate to come to realize that almost everything we've been told has been a lie. Try to take a deep breath before continuing on to the next few. 4. The Georgia Guide Stones. Also known as America's Most Mysterious Monument or America's Stonehenge.

Here are 10 such lies that are easily the biggest lies ever told to Indians. 1) Gandhi Said 'An Eye For An Eye Will Leave The World Blind' © movieleadership (dot) com While pseudo-intellectuals go.

Here are ten more of Humpback Hov's BIGGEST lies ever told. Take a look. "Would've brought the Nets to Brooklyn for free/Except I made millions off it, you fawkin' dweeb/I still own the building, I'm still keeping my seat" - "Open Letter".

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